One day we made the Gingerbread Hearts.

Cutting out the Gingerbread hearts.

Another day, we decorated the gingerbread.

Decorating the Gingerbread Hearts.

And then came the day to eat the last of the Gingerbread Hearts.
She did NOT want her picture taken and was very insistent about it. She turned away, she pouted. She just wanted to enjoy the tea, without having to hold still, without having to wait, without looking up to see a big black lens where Grandma’s face should be. I agreed. But I managed to take a couple.

Waiting for the sugar lump to dissolve in the tiny cup of Peppermint Tea.

We talked. We stirred our tea. We savored the spicy gingerbread.

Sipping Peppermint Tea.

Eating the last of the Valentine Gingerbread.

Sharing hearts and eating the last of the Valentine Gingerbread.