When all else fails, Gratitude.

When life throws you a curve ball that knocks you off your feet, Gratitude.

When you feel like hands have plucked out all the petals and you’re just a puddle of crushed petals on the floor… Gratitude.

Gratitude is an action. It’s something within reach. It’s doable. It’s that strange little vial of glowing substance that we can reach for when there’s nothing else.

It’s a collection of light that never dims, words and phrases that still hold true, even when we say them from the floor.


I’m thankful for photographs, like this one. <3
Ella 3 mo old November 9th

Today I got out the old book, the One Thousand Gifts book I made but haven’t written in for a while.
One Thousand Gifts book-0073
One Thousand Gifts book-0078
Today it’s good to think of blessings within reach.
One Thousand Gifts book-0077
Words add light where there was none. Gratitude IS within reach.