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I keep this little seashell by my computer and use it to hold things temporarily. I’m usually weary by the end of the day so I drop my earrings here. If I find a bead that got away, it gets dropped in the shell too. Eventually I empty the shell and start over. I also empty the shell just when I want to see the words.

Seashell holding earrings and beads

Beach days only come once a year or less so I was very sad the day started out difficult. Beach days are supposed to be perfect. As I walked on the beach last summer, I glanced down and picked up a pretty shell. I turned it over and saw these words.

“I’m watching over you.”

I stopped walking instantly and looked around.
Who could have dropped the shell? None of the few groups on the beach seemed likely. And of all the people walking on the beach, why didn’t any of them pick it up before me? I stared at the shell. I had trouble believing the message was for me. Slowly, I let go of doubt and fear and accepted it.

God was watching over me.

He knew my difficult morning. He knew my struggles. He understood my fears and doubts. And he wanted me to know, when I least expected it, that he was watching over me. He was watching over me when I was far down the beach. He was watching over me as I reached down to pick up the shell. He was watching over me as I struggled to believe that He was there.

That day I picked up the shell on the beach, I accepted the words. But now, I am placing the shell back on the “beach”. Like a million grains of sand, a million blogs glisten on Internet Beach. And out of all the blogs on the internet, you ended up here at All Sparkled Up. This photo is for you. These words are for you. It is not by chance you are here. God wants you to know that he is watching over you. When you’re distracted and busy, when you’re exhausted and in pain, when you’re hurt and lonely, God is watching over you.

I'm watching over you.