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Last year I posted about the Hanging Plant Easter Egg Tree I made. It’s time to get it out again. Adding the drops of dew was my favorite part.
After I finished each miniature plant, with it’s tiny leaves and petals, I hung it on the tree. Though pretty, the plant didn’t seem fully alive it was all sparkled up with spring rain or drops of dew.
For each drop, I used tweezers to dab a single crystal seed bead in tacky glue and attach it where it should go, hanging from the tip of a leaf or puddled in the folds of a petal.

The tree was from Pottery Barn a couple years ago. The hanging egg baskets are cut from small plastic eggs and filled with tiny plants

The tree was from Pottery Barn a couple years ago. The hanging egg baskets were cut from small plastic eggs. The miniature plants were made by cutting up full-size artificial flowers and leaves. Some of the hanging vines were made by gluing hand-cut leaves to artificial plant stems. Click on photos to see the full size images if you wish.

2 Miniature Daisies

Miniature Daisies.

3 Miniature Daisies 2

Miniature daisies.

4 Miniature Lily of the Valley

Miniature Lily of the Valley.

5 Miniature Lily of the Valley 2

6 Miniature Fern

Miniature ferns and moss.

7 Miniature Forget me not 2

Miniature Forget-me-not.

8 Miniature Forget me not

9 Miniature Burros Tail

Miniature Burros Tail.

If you want to add realistic drops to an artificial plant, remember how real water acts. It flows down hill. So it will puddle at the bottom of a flower center, or hang from the lower tip of a petal or leaf.

10 Miniature Blue Flowers

Miniature Blue Flowers. The fluffy white balls were actually stamens cut from the center of a full-size artificial flower.

11 Miniature Ferns

Miniature ferns and moss.

12 Miniature Tuberous Begonia

Miniature Tuberous Begonia, reminiscent of the colors of my mom’s beautiful begonia hanging plant.

13 Miniature Peony

14 Miniature Peony 3

15 Miniature Marigolds

Miniature Marigold.

16 Miniature Rose

Miniature Roses. To make a rose, I took one petal from a 1″ artificial rose, folded it in half and glued and rolled it up into a cone shape. The pointed tip of the cone was cut off and stuck down inside the top part of the cone to make center of the rose. Some cone tips are also used as the buds.

17 Miniature Roses 2

18 Hanging Basket Egg Tree

Placing the tiny bead droplets on the plants was a very contemplative task, like yoga or painting, with each moment crystallized and beautiful. No it was not tedious, it was restorative and full of light. All sparkled up.

And the Lord shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make fat thy bones: and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not.” Isaiah 58:11