When all else fails, Gratitude.

When life throws you a curve ball that knocks you off your feet, Gratitude.

When you feel like hands have plucked out all the petals and you’re just a puddle of crushed petals on the floor… Gratitude.

Gratitude is an action. It’s something within reach. It’s doable. It’s that strange little vial of glowing substance that we can reach for when there’s nothing else.

It’s a collection of light that never dims, words and phrases that still hold true, even when we say them from the floor.


I’m thankful for photographs, like this one. <3
Ella 3 mo old November 9th

Today I got out the old book, the One Thousand Gifts book I made but haven’t written in for a while.
One Thousand Gifts book-0073
One Thousand Gifts book-0078
Today it’s good to think of blessings within reach.
One Thousand Gifts book-0077
Words add light where there was none. Gratitude IS within reach.


The Hot Air Balloon mobile has lights


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The Hot Air Balloon mobile I made for my granddaughter needed a couple more touches.
I added small paper flowers around the basket.

Paper flowers were glued around the hot air balloon basket.

I think another set of mini lights will be good but the softness with just one set of lights is so pretty!

The string of mini lights in this paper balloon add a lovely soft glow.

Hot Air Balloon mobile with lights.

Hot Air Balloon mobile made from a Japanese paper ball, lit with mini lights.

There wasn’t much contrast in the colors of this mobile. But once I added the lights, my baby granddaughter won’t stop looking at it. :)

Journaling in Coloring Books


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I quit journaling daily a while ago. Maybe a couple years. But today I felt like writing some words in a coloring book. I didn’t feel like coloring because I’m still dizzy with vertigo. Day 8. Bah. So I’m journaling in coloring books.

There’s a lot of blackness in vertigo because the eyes are kept shut. Open eyes, spin, close eyes, blackness. But even the blackness moves.

Vertigo makes you feel alone. But you’re not. You’re never alone. Even when your eyes are shut, there’s still Light and you’re not alone.

Journaling in coloring books. Seeing lines already on a page gives me comfort. And sometimes necessary recentering.

The Light is still here.

The Light is still here.
Papercut held in any empty frame with thread. Sunset Beach, NC.

The paper: soft sketchbook paper, easily torn and blown in the wind. You can see part of the design in the upper left corner is bending with the wind.
The frame: rough wood, empty, with the paper design hanging by thread.
The location: Sunset Beach, NC.
The hand: My son Than, with much thanks.
The light: God. He’s still here.

A Hot Air Balloon decoration for my granddaughter’s room


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We have a precious new granddaughter. ♥

I wanted to make something special for her room so I made a Hot Air Balloon mobile to hang up.

Hot Air Balloon mobile, made from a Japanese paper ball, embroidery hoop, basket and brass charms.

The beautiful paper ball was purchased when two of my sons and I visited Tokyo a couple years ago, so the Japan connection is very special to my son. He also has been on a hot air balloon team so thus the connection to hot air balloons.

Hot Air Balloon decoration to hang in my granddaughter’s room.

My daughter-in-law loves butterflies so I was really happy to find the metal filligree butterflies and brass keys in my craft supplies.

Brass butterfly charm sewn to the side of the basket

The hardest part of making this was tying all the knots equidistant from the top of the balloon so it hung straight.

I hope my granddaughter enjoys it for many years.


Coco’s new favorite hangout


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My kitten is growing


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Coco sleeps 6897 s

Her favorite chair is the one in the sun.

How fast the time is passing. She does love the sun.

English roses fabric

Spoonflower has a new feature called “fill-a-yard” that allows a customer to fill a yard of fabric with designs from a collection. I used some of the coloring book rose designs from my Paper Play collection. I’ll be appliqueing white fabric around the center colored section and a white picket fence style applique around the edge. It will look nice draped over a chair this summer.

This cheater quilt printed by Spoonflower is printed with English rose designs.

Click on the image to see a larger version with more detail.
You can find the rose fabric at Spoonflower online here.


Green Tea, Black Coffee


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Some days I like my tea green and my coffee black. Straight up, no fuss.

Green and black succulents, tea and coffee style.

I wrote a menu


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It’s for a restaurant in my imagination. Outside, surrounded by trees and mountains and seas. The rush of wind and fall of water.
Whole Earth.
Five Courses – Water, Field, Tree, Rain and Root.

A menu for Whole Earth, a restaurant in my imagination.

A menu for Whole Earth, a restaurant in my imagination.

What limits your dreams? What stops you? What if you never quit? In addition to a dozen other professions out of my reach, such as surgeon, lawyer, scientist, glass blower, architect and machine engineer.. I would love to be a chef. Here is a menu for my non-existent restaurant, Whole Earth, with some of the courses. Don’t ever let anyone stop your imagination. You never know how far it will reach.