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One year ago today I had scoliosis surgery. I had an 18″ incision and two titanium rods inserted the entire length of my spine.
Today I put masking tape around the trim of the new windows.
Painting trim-2
One year ago, my back was fused from T1 to pelvis. I could barely move.
Today I stretched high as I worked.
Painting trim-1
One year ago the bolts in almost every vertebrae and four in my pelvis made me unable to move without assistance.
Today I gathered supplies and worked on the major renovation.
Painting trim-3
One year ago, my hands shook as I pressed the morphine button.
Today I firmly held the paintbrush and stroked the smooth white paint over the trim.
Painting trim-4
One year ago, the nurse kept telling me to open my eyes. I had trouble staying awake and the pain seemed less severe when my eyes were shut.
Today the afternoon sun streamed through the wall that had never had a window before.
Painting trim-5
One year ago, I could barely handle the next minute. Recovery seemed impossible. I couldn’t sit up. I felt shattered but glad the surgery was over.
Today I sat at my computer editing photos. Today I mopped the floor. Today I washed dishes and dusted and painted.
Painting trim-6
If things seem dark today, don’t despair. Amazing things can happen in a year.