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That had to be all caps because it’s remarkable. Ever since moving into this house 13 years ago, our dining room didn’t have sun in it. Until now. We are nearly done with the remodel so last night we moved the dining room table out of the living room and back into the dining room. And this afternoon… Afternoon, mind you!!! … I sat at the table to plan an impromptu Wine & Cheese tasting party. IN. THE. SUN. Honestly, I had trouble concentrating on my notes because of the sun. Glorious sun!
There are no windows on the west side of our house and the roof has a big overhang so our home gets very little direct sun in it. The solution was two arch windows extending as high as possible in the west wall. I’ll make a blog post with more details soon.
Just look at this!

First sitting at the table in the sun!

First sitting at the table in the sun!

To anyone else, that photo would be completely unremarkable. But I’m an artist, photographer and lover of sunshine. To not have sun is like Michelangelo having no paint. There are no accessories or furniture in the world as glorious as sun. I can’t believe I actually get to live here!

I hope I never get to the point of taking something so basic for granted. I basked in sun today.