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It didn’t work! So disappointing! About three years ago I found a butterfly wing in the driveway. I couldn’t bear to let it go so I pinned it to my bulletin board. For the past three years, it has gently fluttered on my bulletin board every time the furnace or air conditioner kicked on.

I needed a little butterfly for the project I’m working on and thought it would be sweet to cut the butterfly wing up to make a smaller butterfly. The first “alas!” was trying to draw cutting marks on the wing using a permanent marker. The marker bled rapidly into the wing, ruining the beautiful yellow. The second “Alas!” was when the butterfly wing shattered when I pressed an x-acto knife on it. I tried to cut the wing using sharp manicure scissors and that fared better but the wing is beyond use and the beauty that I have enjoyed for three years is gone.

Craft Fail - Cutting a butterfly wing did not work

What I learned:
1. Do not try to mark a butterfly wing with anything, just cut freehand.
2. Use sharp manicure or embroidery scissors to cut butterfly wings.
3. If the wing is really beautiful, don’t do anything at all to it. Just pin it to a bulletin board and enjoy it, especially if it flutters in the breeze when you walk by.