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Last year I finally had time to make an Easter Egg tree and I’m happy to display it again this year. I’ve been wanting to make one for many years. I have a couple precious decorated eggs left from the tree of my childhood and some day I will restore the eggs and call that tree my Heritage Tree. For now, this Hanging Plant Easter Egg Tree will adorn my dining room table.

The tree was from Pottery Barn. The eggs are plastic, cut into little baskets with a craft knife. I made all the hanging plants from bits and pieces of full size artificial plants. The hundreds of tiny leaves were cut out individually with manicure scissors. Crystal beads were glued strategically from the tips of petals and leaves to look like they were freshly washed with a light spring rain. It took several weeks to make these eggs, working on them when I could during evenings last year.

Easter Egg Tree - click photo to see a larger image.

These little hanging plants are made from bits and pieces cut from artificial plants and flowers tucked into plastic eggs. Click on photos to see a larger image.

Egg Tree - The Purple Egg.

Egg Tree - The Spring Green Egg

Egg Tree - The Little Blue Birds Egg

Egg Tree - The Yellow Green Moss Egg

Egg Tree - The Blue Forget-me-not Egg

Egg Tree - The Orange Marigold Egg

Egg Tree - The White Lily-of-the-Valley Egg

Egg Tree - The Pink Peony Egg

Egg Tree - The Yellow Daisy Egg

Egg Tree - The Miniature Pink Rose Egg