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The egg decorating kit looked spiffy, with pretty colors and cute rub-on decals of chicks, eggs and bunnies. But the decals didn’t stick at all. Not happy there. But we don’t give up easy so we rummaged around in my little box of scrapbook stickers and found a couple old sheets of rub-on decals from Valentine’s Day years ago. We had to think like an egg in order to figure out which words might work on an egg. Quite the stretch. Here are our eggs, which we put all in one basket.

Easter Eggs 2012, decorated with rub-on decals - click to see a larger image.

My personal favorites?
“Most embarrassing moment” on a cracked egg.
Also the egg with “And so the story goes…” Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
The egg of course.

Easter Eggs 2012 with words - decorated with rub-on word decals. And so the story goes...