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My granddaughter loves this little Easter book from my childhood. We photographed this last year.


Four Little Bunnies
by Ruth Dixon
Photographs by Harry Whittier Frees
Published in 1935

Four Little Bunnies-1

Four Little Bunnies

Four Little Bunnies-2

Four Little Bunnies – Story by Ruth Dixon – Photographs by Harry Whittier Frees

Four Little Bunnies-3

Dedicated to all the little bunnies who posed for the pictures in this book. NOTE: These unusual photographs of real bunnies were made possible only by patient unfailing kindness on the part of the photographer at all times. –

Four Little Bunnies-4

Once upon a time there were four little bunnies. Their names were Fluff, Puff, Muff, and Algernon. This is the way they looked when they were all dressed up. –

Four Little Bunnies-5

They lived with Mother Bunn and Daddy Bunn. Mother Bunn taught them to play quietly. She taught them to eat all of their dinner. And she taught them never to sniff at nice spinach and carrots. Daddy Bunn taught them to look before they hopped. –

Four Little Bunnies-6

One day at breakfast Algernon licked the cocoa off his whiskers and said, “Tomorrow is Easter. I’m going out to find Mother Bunn a present!” “So am I!” cried Puff and Fluff and Muff, licking the cocoa off their whiskers. (Mother Bunn was upstairs and could not hear them.) –

Four Little Bunnies-7

“That’s a good idea!” said Daddy Bunn, who was frying himself just one more pancake. “But don’t forget to do your work before you go.” –

Four Little Bunnies-8

So Fluff said, “Yes, Daddy,” and took her broom and pail of water and scrubbed the floor. –

Four Little Bunnies-9

And Puff said, “Yes, Daddy,” and took his lawn mower and cut the grass. –

Four Little Bunnies-10

And Muff said, “Yes Daddy,” and hitched up Henrietta the hen to the little red cart and brought back twelve eggs from the hen house. –

Four Little Bunnies-11

Algernon said, “O.K., Daddy.” (He meant well though he did use slang.) Then he put on his old checked trousers and he got out the soap and washboard and a big tub of water. And he rubbed and scrubbed and rubbed and scrubbed and did all the family washing. –

Four Little Bunnies-12

When they were through their work the four little bunnies kissed their mother and daddy. Then they went hippity-hop down the hill from their hollow-tree home. Mother Bunn waved good-by to them from the window. –

Four Little Bunnies-13

And Daddy Bunn waved good-by to them from the front door. –

Four Little Bunnies-14

Then Mother Bunn and Daddy Bunn put their headphones over their ears and listened to the Market Reports on the radio. (Though Mother Bunn liked the Cooking Hints better.) –

Four Little Bunnies-15

The first thing Fluff and Puff did was to hurry down the hill, hippity-hippity-hippity-hop. And the first thing Muff and Algernon did was to ride down hill on a scooter. The kitten next door went, too, but hopped off by her favorite tree. (She climbed up that.) –

Four Little Bunnies-16

At the foot of the hill, Puff and Fluff and Muff and Algernon met their friend White Rabbit, standing in his doorway. “Bless my whiskers!” cried White Rabbit. “You are just the bunnies I am searching for. Will you look after my babies this afternoon?” –

Four Little Bunnies-17

The four little bunnies stood still. “It’s a good deed!” whispered Fluff and Puff and Muff. “And we can find Mother an Easter present later.” “O.K.,” said Algernon, and he said it very loud indeed. “Thank you,” said White Rabbit. And he went over to the hammock to take a nap. –

Four Little Bunnies-18

“Thank you,” said Mrs. White Rabbit too, as she put on her best hat. –

Four Little Bunnies-19

And then she went next door to the wedding of Miss Snowy Ears and of Mr. Cottontail. –

Four Little Bunnies-20

So Fluff took care of Millie and Tillie Rabbit. She let them swing in their swing — high-and-low and high-and-low. –

Four Little Bunnies-21

And Muff and Algernon took care of Teenie and Weenie Rabbit. They took them out for a ride in their gocart. –

Four Little Bunnies-22

And then fed them some nice spinach soup. White Rabbit woke up. He thanked the four little bunnies again for helping with the children. “You’re welcome,” said the bunnies. And they started down the path. –

Four Little Bunnies-23

Pretty soon they came to Big Bunny who was tied to a post. “Please rescue me!” said Big Bunny. “Some naughty boy tied me up, so I can’t get away.” “I will!” said Fluff and Puff and Muff. And they gnawed the rope that tied him. “O.K.!” said Algernon. And he gnawed the rope. –

Four Little Bunnies-24

Thank you,” said Big Bunny when they had gnawed the rope loose. “I am the Easter Rabbit. Come to my house and you may help make Easter eggs.” “Goody! Goody! Goody!” said Puff and Fluff and Muff. “O.K.!” said Algernon. Two rabbits hopped by, carrying eggs in a basket. All the bunnies followed them. –

Four Little Bunnies-25

At the Easter Rabbit’s house they all put on work clothes. Then Fluff poured colors on the hard-boiled eggs — blue and green and red and yellow and pink. “It’s fun!” cried Fluff. –

Four Little Bunnies-26

Then Puff dipped the candy eggs in chocolate. “It’s lots of fun!” cried Puff. –

Four Little Bunnies-27

Then Muff helped another rabbit squirt chocolate icing on the white eggs. “It’s lots and lots of fun!” cried Muff. –

Four Little Bunnies-28

Then Algernon squeezed white icing on chocolate eggs and made pretty pictures on them, too. “O.K.,” said Algernon. –

Four Little Bunnies-29

Then all the bunnies helped pack up the Easter eggs into wagons to take to children everywhere. They all worked hard. –

Four Little Bunnies-30

The Easter Rabbit gave the four little bunnies all the eggs they made. Then they piled these into airplanes. “Let’s – – ” began Puff. “Take them home – -” said Fluff. “To Mother!” said Muff. “O.K,” said Algernon. –

Four Little Bunnies-31

Algernon made more eggs than the others. He made a candy rabbit, too. My, he was glad to take them all home! –

Four Little Bunnies-32

When the bunnies got home there was Daddy Bunn giving Mother Bunn an Easter bouquet. So they gave their present. Mother Bunn kissed them all. “What dear, thoughtful little bunnies!” she cried. “I hope you will always be as good as you have been today!” “We’ll try!” said Puff, Fluff, and Muff. “O.K!” said Algernon. (And that meant he would try, too.) –

Four Little Bunnies-33

To. Betty (my great Aunt) From Laura.Belle (my grandmother)

Four Little Bunnies-34

Back cover of Four Little Bunnies.

Sweet Granddaughter laughter

The End.