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Also subtitled – How I swallowed an Eiffel Tower.

Today marks 3 weeks since my Scoliosis Surgery on October 2nd. It has taken every minute of those three weeks to get to this point where I can sit at my computer long enough to make this short post.

I am doing well. God cares about every tiny wrinkle in our lives, such as the tiny ones in the back our our shirts. As I lay in bed, unable to change positions without assistance and a lot of pain medication, even a tiny wrinkle in the back of a shirt feels like lying on a boulder. God smoothed out my wrinkles when no one was there and I’ve been resting well in knowing I’m never alone.

My family and friends have been wonderful! I have more encouragement, smiles and joy than steri-strips on my back! Love, Love, LOVE, the beautiful people in my life. <3

Here is my post-op x-ray.

My Scoliosis surgery – 29 bolts and rods from neck to pelvis.

29 bolts, from neck all the way into my pelvis. It was a huge surgery. I get a huge kick out of thinking I have an Eiffel Tower inside. God knows how much I love art and artistic things so I’m thrilled that even my x-ray looks cool, as though the metal was intended to look like an Eiffel Tower all along. I’m planning on making a wall art piece inspired by both my x-ray and the Eiffel Tower, complete with sparkling lights. Perhaps next year I’ll work on it. Must lie down now… happily thinking of a trip to Paris some day.

Vintage Eiffel Tower postcard – beautiful postcard image by http://www.graphicsfairy.blogspot.com .