Last month we checked our two fig trees and were dismayed that something was eating them. Judging from the strange markings, we figured that birds were pecking them. I bought two big fruit tree nets and we spread the netting over the trees. That worked!

Fig tree covered with netting.

We’ve had a really wet summer so some of the fig skins are bursting. And Some of the figs are getting eaten by bees, flies and ants. But those insects seem to focus on already eaten fruit and leave the rest alone. So we picked a nice bowl full.

Juicy figs with bursting skins.

They are sweet and juicy, with subtle watermelon and peach notes. For an afternoon treat, we spread cream cheese on homemade rolls, topped with fresh sliced figs and then drizzled with honey friends had given us from their neighborhood hive. Absolutely delicious!

Homemade rolls topped with cream cheese, fresh sliced figs and drizzled with honey. Delicious!