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Before getting into the Scoliosis part, it’s true: My life IS all sparkled up! Every day I’ve got bling going on.

Bling in the mail…
My amazing daughter surprised me with this package the other day, a Grace Notes box of gorgeous craft supplies from Gilded Life.

Grace Notes box of sparkling craft supplies, from Gilded Life.

Luscious velvet, beaded trims, pearl-studded flowers…

Oh my goodness, I don’t know what sparkled more – the rhinestone chain, sequins and velvet sheen or the tears in my eyes. She knows me so well! ♥

Bling at the dining room table…
My adorable granddaughter and I did some painting. I taught her how to carefully drop one drop of water into each pan of watercolor.

My granddaughter uses an eyedropper to place one drop of water in each watercolor pan.

Then we painted flowers and a blue river. We were all sparkled up in our spirits as we painted together on the page.

Flowers, painted by my granddaughter and me.

My craft table (which suddenly turns into a dining room table when we scrape off the thick layer of “studio” from every surface) is all blinged…
This bracelet was created from a Gilded Life kit back in February.

Valentine’s Bracelet, made from a kit from Gilded Life. I have the chain suspended from a cardboard platform so I can add the charms without it getting twisted.

You’re probably wondering why the subject is Scoliosis but the posts are all sparkled up. If I went to a website called “All Sparkled Up” I would expect the posts to be just that! But while all this blinging and sparkling is going on, I must confess I’ve got a serious back issue – Scoliosis that has progressed to the point of needing major surgery, not an easy undertaking for a 53 year old. The date is set for September 25th and I seriously can’t wait! But I am not my disease; Scoliosis is just something I have, not who I am. Sparkling is something I like to believe people can actually BE. And I like to think that nothing can stop sparkling, not even migraines or Fibromyalgia or Scoliosis.

I’ll be posting about my progress from time to time but only if the posts can be all sparkled up, through color or art, humor or joy, light and truth. I doubt the doctors can use rhinestone-studded bolts in my back but it’s a very nice thought indeed. Wink!