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I’m taking an art course online, Make Something Beautiful, taught by Teresa Sheeley and Kayla Johnson. I was a little nervous about it because we will be drawing people, you know the real live ones. I’ve never drawn living tissue in my life! So last night, I finally attempted the assignment of drawing my hand. I could barely sleep from excitement last night. I’ve never tried drawing anything so detailed. And living!

Rock, Paper, Scissors - Simple drawings of my left hand - click photo to see a larger image

I’ve often told people they have hidden talents. It never occurred to me that I might have one. Really, I’m in my mid 50’s. How hidden can something be at my age? ;) You never know until you try. And the only reason I’ve never tried is I expected to fail. Decades of expecting to fail at drawing. Until last night and then I found out I didn’t fail. So decades were wasted.

My last thought last night was this:
If God makes you a songbird, SING.
If God makes you an artist, MAKE THINGS.
Whatever gifts you have inside, find them and use them. They won’t go away, they are waiting for you. Even for decades.