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Day of Joy! I woke naturally this morning, without a migraine slamming me awake, for the first time in 23 days. Joy, Joy! :) Oh my, the day is bright. And I finally finished making a gorgeous gold and silver banner that I started back in December. Yay! Even though I missed Christmas, today is still worthy of hanging up this glittery gold and silver banner.

The supplies and tutorial were from the November box from Gilded Girls Stash Society. [click on the photo to see a larger image]
I loved working on this banner! Because the days were so busy, I could only complete little steps here and there. I didn’t mind it taking a while though because that just meant I could handle the pretty materials a little bit longer. The letters are glittered with German Glass glitter, which sparkles a lot more than plastic craft glitter.

After taking this photo, I noticed that a gold button had fallen off the “O” while hanging the banner. It must be behind the sofa. That will be an activity for my granddaughter – finding the gold button for the O. I thank God that even home-bound days can be full of JOY.