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The Little Plastic Bears will have their own website some day. They’ve been to Washington DC, the Grand Canyon and Grandma’s Bed & Breakfast! They never have enough space in their tiny apartment and vacations are essential to their well-being.

Here are a couple sneak peek photos from their ballooning adventure at the beach last summer. As usual, blue bear isn’t following safety rules. Good thing there is masking tape or he would have fallen out of the basket!

LPB Balloon Ride 1

The sun was setting as the Little Plastic Bears began their balloon ride. As usual, blue bear forgot safety rules and nearly fell out of the basket. Fortunately, masking tape held him in.

LPB Balloon Ride 2

LPB Balloon Ride 3

The Little Plastic Bears enjoy their balloon ride out over the Atlantic Ocean. The sunset on Sunset Beach was soft and dreamy that evening.

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This fall, the Little Plastic Bears will have their grandest adventure yet. They are going to Japan! Stay tuned.