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Many tasks, all quite mixed up. On my worktable, the big red bow for the front porch, the garland lights for the back deck and the fabric roses and ruffle buds I’m making for a wreath.

On my worktable - roses, rosettes and ruffle buds made from men's tie wool  interlinings.

On my worktable – roses, rosettes and ruffle buds made from men’s tie wool interlinings.

The roses, rosettes and ruffle buds are made from the wool interlinings of men’s ties. I’m saving the silk tie fabric for other projects and kept the interlinings just because I can’t bear to throw out fabric. I’m glad I saved the pieces because they make beautiful roses! I tried unsuccessfully to make a rose bud so had to come up with another design. I really like how the ruffly buds are turning out, with luscious little layered centers. The next time I make icing flowers for a cake, I’m going to try to duplicate the design in icing.

Each full rose is made from the uncut interlining from one tie. The buds are made from a narrow interlining. One of the tie interlinings didn’t need cut to make one bud but the other longer interlinings did need cut to about 24″ in length. I can get two buds from one narrow long interlining cut in half.