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Just a little musical interlude called The Bus Kids.

My dad introduced me to A Prairie Home Companion, an entertaining radio program, recorded live, with Garrison Keillor in Lincoln, Nebraska. My dad and my children would go down to the barn on Saturday nights and listen to A Prairie Home Companion on the old radio. Those days are long gone but now I listen to A Prairie Home Companion on the internet.

Fall is in full swing and my granddaughter started school this year. This song brought back poignant memories of riding on the school bus, looking out the window. My school years were not happy years so the ride to and from school each day is my fondest memory. I had each white fence, every early morning garden, all my favorite views memorized and still dream of traveling that route, even 40 years later.

The Bus Kids by Garrison Keillor, Sara Watkins and Rich Dworsky.