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— PB & Jam Joconde – continued from Part 2

The beautiful baking mat filled with dough fit our oven wall to wall, with barely room to spare when we first put it in the oven. After a mere 7 minutes baking at 450, smoke started pouring out of the oven. We threw open the oven door to see the mat had swelled up and was buckled and spreading up the sides of the oven! We were so relieved that the mat wasn’t on fire or melting. But some of the batter was burning on the sides and bottom of the oven. No time for photos, we grabbed the oven mits and wrestled the oven rack and huge mat out.

The steaming cake is placed on the counter.

The steaming cake is placed on the counter.

PB & J Joconde-20

We’re still trying to figure out what caused the gently rolling hills on the cake since we had spread the batter fairly evenly. Most likely it was caused when the mat started climbing the oven walls and the batter pooled.

The next time we bake a joconde in our little oven, we’ll try a lower temp, maybe 400 or even 385 degrees since the mat completely cuts off circulation, especially when it swells with the heat. In order to maintain some heat above the mat, we might try starting the oven at 425, quickly putting the rack and mat in but then immediately lowering the temp to 385.

PB & J Joconde-21

A greased cooling rack was placed over the cake.

PB & J Joconde-22

The oven rack, mat and cooling rack are lifted together and flipped.

PB & J Joconde-23

PB & J Joconde-24

The mat quickly began to shrink down after being removed from the oven. But you can clearly see how it is still larger than the oven rack. The mat was still very hot here.

PB & J Joconde-25

The siliconed mat was easy to roll back off the cake. The mat was still so hot that I dropped it back on the cake immediately after this photo was taken. We had to use oven mitts to lift it off the cake.

PB & J Joconde-26

Blurry photo but Oh what a Beautiful sight! We were stoked that the joconde was a success, rolling hills, singed edges and all. I let out a whoop of joy!

We mixed any leftover chocolate and almond batters together and spread them in a 9.5" springform pan.

We mixed the leftover chocolate and almond batters together and spread them in a 9.5″ springform pan and baked it. It made a cake layer about 1″ thick.

PB & J Joconde-28

The first strip of jaconde is cut and placed against the edge of the cool springform pan.

PB & J Joconde-29

PB & J Joconde-30

A second strip of joconde is placed in the pan to fill the gap.

PB & J Joconde-31

PB & J Joconde-32

Here I cut off the excess joconde with a sharp knife.

PB & J Joconde-33

The pan lined with joconde.

PB & J Joconde-34

The cake layer is carefully lowered and pressed into the bottom of the lined pan.

—Up next, the filling of the prepared pan with Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Mousse and Cherry Topping in final Part 4!