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The Versa Rulers arrived today! Yay! We were looking forward to these so much.

I’m a big fan of Kickstarter, a terrific funding platform online that helps entrepreneurs get their creative ideas off the ground. Projects range from film and fashion to design and food. I’m especially keen on the technology projects. As soon as I saw this particular project, the Versa Ruler, by Frank Pinal & Carlos Rodriguez, I immediately contributed to their funding. We enjoy making things here and figured that this nifty measuring tool would be very useful. Funding has passed so it’s not possible to contribute pledges for the ruler through Kickstarter, but you can still purchase a Versa Ruler through the Koala Tools website.

The Versa Ruler is a “shape-making 2-D ruling system. Sides connect to form an unlimited amount of measured polygons.” Check out the video from the Kickstarter page to see the Versa Ruler in action. We’ve only just begun to realize its potential. Some possible applications:

  • Repeat patterns for quiltmaking
  • Measure and cut moldings
  • Draw shapes needed for various construction applications
  • Trim paper for crafts
  • Drafting, architecture, interior design and many others
Versa Ruler 1

Successful Kickstarter project – the Versa Ruler.

The rulers come 4 to a pack with basic instructions.

Versa Ruler 2

Versa Ruler 3
One set of rulers can be connected together to create three-sided or four-sided polygons.
Versa Ruler 4
We purchased two sets for more options. Using all eight rulers, we made a perfect octagon.
Versa Ruler 5
Six rulers can form a perfect hexagon, with a maximum diameter of about 14″.

Using five rulers, we formed a pentagon.
Versa Ruler 6

Versa Ruler 7

Pentagon formed with 5 Versa Rulers.

Although these photos show equilateral polygons, the rulers can be adjusted to skew the polygon in multiple ways, lengthening and decreasing sides and angles.
Kudos to Pinal and Rodriguez and their company, Koala Tools, for creating such a great new measuring tool!