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In February 2006, we planted 15 rose bushes from David Austin Roses. I used to keep a blog about the gardening adventure. Alas, a couple years ago someone mistakenly covered the rose bushes with pine straw instead of mulch when I was out of town and the acid that winter killed over half. I was devastated and quit keeping the blog. But some of the roses made it through and are now doing wonderfully!

The first roses - Miss Alice and Golden Celebration planted in barrels, not yet bloomed New Dawn climbing up around the kitchen window.

The pale pink colored Miss Alice is in a large barrel, as is Golden Celebration. The beautiful New Dawn, covered with buds, has yet to bloom. The New Dawn rose is planted down in the ground at the base of the stairs. It grew all the way up the deck stairs and across my kitchen window and is reaching for the back door, over 40 feet long in all. When the roses bloom, I will be able to open the kitchen window and smell roses while doing the dishes. :) Is that cool or what.

Golden Celebration Roses and New Dawn buds outside my kitchen window on the second floor.

If you’re interested, you can read some of my old gardening blog at The Rose Adventure. I no longer keep it up and some day it might disappear. For now, I’m rather fond of the memory of those years.