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I am deeply moved by something God taught me and want to share it.

Last night, I was up late working on my “Princess’s One Thousand Gifts” journal and was painting little flowers with various colors of pink on the back of my journal to find a color match. As I rinsed the little paint brush, I thought “I don’t think I’m being useful enough right now.” Painting little pink flowers on a book cover suddenly seemed so trivial, especially compared to my friends’ boasts of their large good deeds.

While I was drying the brush, God interrupted my thoughts with this question. God asked me:
“So which songbird should I kill just because it sings only for my enjoyment?”


I dropped my brush and bowed my head and tears slipped down my cheeks. Every songbird is beautiful. The ones deep in the forest, the ones perched in a tree in Africa, the ones singing in an Amazon jungle, still an undiscovered species.

A chill ran through my spine as I pondered the depth of that statement. EVERY single person is valuable to God, especially the ones who live just for God’s enjoyment, the ones that praise God while painting little pink flowers on the back of a journal late at night.

Last night I decided that I would know God wanted me to share this if I was able to photograph a songbird to go with the post. I loaded up my big telephoto lens on the camera and told God “Please don’t let me miss the song. I want to recognize it and be ready!”

Today I kept the door open a crack all day, just in case I heard a bird to photograph. There was none. So I didn’t post. Until now. Just by chance, I listened to a singer online. What a voice! Again, a chill ran through my spine at the sheer beauty and I praised God. After I closed the link, God said this: “That is a songbird for my enjoyment.”
This is the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsNlcr4frs4 Opera duo Charlotte & Jonathan.

God answered my prayer. I didn’t miss it.