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My computer is in a corner, a dark corner. And my back is to the whole room, where all the light is. So two years ago I put a little Pottery Barn Easter Egg tree in the corner behind my computer monitor and strung it with rice lights.

Last December, I bought a couple miniature chandelier ornaments for the Christmas tree and hung them on my little corner tree temporarily until we put up the Christmas tree. I loved the look so much that the chandeliers never did get put on the Christmas tree.

There is room for four more little chandeliers on the tree. I bought the beads to make them but haven’t had time. Meanwhile, I can work on the computer and my whole corner is all sparkled up. =)

I think a Chandelier Tree would make a beautiful wedding reception table decoration. It would be expensive to do a couple tables and I’m not sure how the electric lights could be powered but it would look amazing.

Chandelier Tree