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We stayed at Sunset Beach in North Carolina for a week last September. We’ve visited plenty of times over the years but for the first time ever, we saw the kind of sunset for which the island got its name.

There are no words to describe the glorious colors and beauty. It literally took my breath away. Please click each image to see it large. At the top left of the photo will be the original size. Click that number link to see the full size photo. And then imagine this scene filling all the space and sky in front of you, with the constant and rhythmic whoosh as each wave washes ashore, frothed in color.

These photos were all taken the same evening. The colors stretched across the sky, from shades of pink and blue in the east to vibrant oranges and yellows in the west and changed by the minute. I can not believe that the beauty displayed on this earth is by chance, but rather by the artistic hand of the Creator of the Universe.