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These cupcakes are a sweet two-bite size, baked in a mini muffin pan. Ingredients are simple: Mini homemade vanilla cupcakes, homemade frosting, pink sugar, jellybeans, mini marshmallows, candy “eyes” and a little bit of coconut.
To make the bunny ears, I cut mini marshmallows on the diagonal and then pressed the sticky cut side into pink sugar.

To make bunny ears, cut a mini marshmallow diagonally as shown. This works even better if the mini marshmallow is already a little skewed.

By cutting the mini marshmallow on the diagonal, one side will be fat, tapering to a point. Press the sticky cut side into pink sugar.


Mini Easter cupcakes - Bunnies, chicks and eggs in grass. The bunny eyes and nose are mini jelly beans cut in half. The orange chick beak is a mini jelly bean cut in half diagonally.

Mini Easter cupcakes - bunny, chick and eggs in grass. These tiny cupcakes disappeared fast in two sweet bites!